Saturday, July 18, 2015

Well, at least no one's screaming in this Nissan ad...

So instead of just getting Little Jimmy to the next bus stop, Dad decides that the best thing to do would be to "race" the schoolbus?  Hmm, good thing that the schoolbus and dad's car are the only two vehicles in this entire suburban landscape, and good thing that the bus driver, the dad and his kid are the only people who exist in this particular universe, otherwise the dad's decision to drive 60 MPH down those streets might come across as a bit....irresponsible?

No speed bumps either- who needs them in a town with a population of three people anyway?


  1. There are, however, people screaming AT it. People who wonder why it is that this would want to make people buy the blasted thing. Ah, well. At least they don't have the Creepy Old Man any longer.

  2. I guess this commercial doesn't take place in a world in which there are state laws dictating the behavior of drivers of other vehicles in relation to school buses, and in which one of them is, YOU DON'T TRY TO OUTRACE A SCHOOL BUS. And in which a speed-metal version of "The Wheels On the Bus" is considered edgy and ironic and cute.


    1. Doesn't help that the douchenozzle busdriver seems intent on leaving this kid behind, slamming the doors shut when he SEES the kid and his dad there, as if he WANTS to race. What the hell was that?

  3. Yeah--in what world do bus drivers get to choose which kids they feel like picking up and are free to reject Little Waldo if they choose? Strange.