Saturday, July 11, 2015

The most revolting Arby's commercial of all time

Let's imagine a slight rewrite of this ad:

"So, you're Jewish.  Ever be super-tempted to indulge in delicious, sizzling-hot maple-cured BACON?  Well, we have help for you- call-------"

I'd love to meet the person who green-lighted this insulting, smarmy, just plain rude thirty seconds of noxious crud.  Hey, Arby's?  I'm not a vegetarian.  But I'm also not into processed, heavily-salted Grade C "meat" encrusted in fat and sliced so thin as to be practically transparent.  And I'm especially not into mocking someone's deeply-held beliefs in order to peddle heart-unfriendly junk "food."  I'm pretty sure that there are plenty of vegetarians who are often tempted to indulge in animal products.  I'm also quite POSITIVE that not ONE of them has ever fallen off the wagon at an Arby's.

What's the matter, Arby's?  Market share plummeting?  Because there's got to be some reason beyond "we just want to sell a few more Almost-Beef Sandwiches" for this atrocity.  Or maybe you think your "restaurant" is the only one that sells bacon?  Either way- I really don't care.  Get this nasty ad off my television, please.  Like most Americans, I was indifferent to your company before seeing it.  Now I can't imagine being hungry enough to patronize it.  Jackasses.

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