Friday, July 24, 2015

Hunger Can't Kill My Determination to be an Incurable Adolescent

It's almost frightening to think how many "men" out there think that this ad is in any way cool, let alone think that hanging out with other "men" in a living room during what is an obviously very nice day with Escape-Your-Pathetic-Reality glasses strapped to your empty head is in any way a "life."

It's absolutely no surprise that Hot Pockets are the go-to food of choice for "men" who would engage in this kind of activity.  As long as you are engaged in a lame substitute for life, why not fuel it using a lame substitute for food?  And as long as your activities are more appropriate for eight-year olds, why not eat crap made for stupid, Devil-May-Care eight year olds and their clueless "oh let's just buy it sure it's crap but it's easy to heat up and then they'll leave us alone" parents?

One YouTube commentator wonders how the jackass at the center of this awfulness was able to find the microwave.  I think the answer is actually pretty obvious- he spends so much time playing this asinine, life-sucking junk that he's memorized where the freezer and microwave is, because man it's a pain to take a break from the virtual reality that is so, so much more interesting that real life.  The lamp?  Who cares where that is?

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