Monday, July 6, 2015

I hope this guy eventually remembers where the Eject button is

Seriously, what is the problem with this woman?  Either she's an emasculating horror in a nice dress or the guy she's with has a history of leaving his head on the counter as they run off to do fabulous things in his freaking Lexus.

There's evidence for Option #2 at the very end, in which the Guy Who Can Almost Remember When He Had a Little Self-Confidence (before he met this woman and started to spend his days having tiny but painfully sharp needles jabbed into him every few minutes) actually FAILS and no, doesn't quite remember where THEY parked (I put THEY in caps, because I can't help but notice that this woman never carries the invites, never carries the tickets, never makes the reservations, and apparently also pays absolutely no attention to where THEY park, because apparently all that is HIS job.  Her job?  To look good- and keep it up with those sharp needles.)  The guy who is Always On The Verge of Failing can use his phone to find the car (and openly aggressively give Miss Passive-Aggresive a yank on the arm as part of the bargain.)

But because I came up with the title of this post before I wrote it, I'm going with Option #1.   This woman is an overly snarky, demanding rhymes-with-witch who seems pretty certain that being good-looking is a license to nag.   You can do better, buddy.  She isn't that good-looking.

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  1. You see this dynamic more and more in media these days and I often wonder, "why does he put up with it?"
    It seems like her only job is to by nasty while his is to earn the living, do it well (above what most of us bring in, obviously,) and sit there and take her snarky BS for doing it.
    Perhaps he has a high stress job and he's like those asian businessmen stereotypes from the 90's. You know the ones, the kind that had to relieve stress by paying women to beat them with a riding crop while they sat there dressed in diapers like over-sized babies, crying to mommy.
    If he is one of these bent types, excelsior, he found his true one! Otherwise, he should unbuckle her strap, gun the car and then brake hard. When she expresses her fury he could say, "Oh, you have a problem? You have so many, I stopped hearing you."