Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I have problems, too. First, what the hell is this?

(Why does this ad start with Jerry saying "Hi," and then letting the illustrator tell us his story, as if he isn't there?  Why isn't it "I have some troubles?"  Meh, whatever...)

Jerry has an online business.  But, Jerry has problems.  He has a Lack of Money, and some Troubles.

But then Jerry located these people who are Experts at Marketing, Web Utilization, and basically Getting Things Done.

Problem solved.  Jerry now has lots of money.

Ok, I'm totally lost.  I have absolutely no idea what service this commercial is trying to sell- I mean, I could assume that it's a Quick Cash At High Interest deal, because Jerry's "problems" seem to center around money (there's no mention of distribution or marketing issues, and there's cartoon pictures of gold coins, so....) On the other hand, this video was found by typing "getting rich on real estate."  Real Estate is not mentioned anywhere in the ad.  Is the solution that Jerry is in the wrong business, and really just needs to hire this "team" which is remember made up of people who are Experts at Doing Things who will steer him away from that business and on to where the real money is- flipping houses?

I guess I'll never know, because I sure as hell am not about to click the link.  So- good luck, Jerry, with your troubles, whatever they are, and your team of Experts, whatever they do.

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