Saturday, April 30, 2016

This doesn't surprise me, BMW*

The caption reads "Wife drops off Stuff," but this plays more like Rich Girlfriend Dumps Rich Boyfriend's stuff.  I don't see these people as married- for one thing, it's pretty clearly implied that they have seperate residences.  The guy is standing in front of Standard Huge House in the Burbs.  If that's THEIR house, why is SHE dropping off HIS stuff?  If she dumped him, wouldn't his stuff already be in their house?

Whereas if they are dating, she has her own place and he's gradually moved some things into it, for convenience-- first a toothbrush, then a change of clothes, etc.- and she's had enough of the arrangement so out he, and the stuff, goes.  That's what seems to be happening here.

Regardless of what's happening, it isn't "complicated." It's needlessly humiliating and cruel.  If he deserves it, his "it's complicated" means "I'm an A-One Jackass and I don't want to talk about it."  At no point does this commercial, obviously played for laughs, come off as at all funny, either- just another episode of Lifestyles Of The Rich And Not At All Famous.  But at least it's short, I'll give it that.

*that BMW owners can be passive-aggressive douchenozzles.  Doesn't surprise me one little bit.

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