Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's Awesome in Every Way....well, except....

Ok, I feel kind of bad about this, because I think it's a great idea and I'm totally down with the whole Going Green thing (I don't even OWN a car.)  Still...

1.  This thing looks like a lot of fun to drive, until you are in any kind of accident with anything larger than a skateboard.  I especially don't like imagining an accident.  Never mind the lack of side airbags.  There's NO FREAKING SIDE on the most basic models!

2.  90 percent of all car travel is less than ten miles, so I guess it's ok that this car seems to lack any kind of trunk space.  Or room for more than 2.5 people.  I guess.  And I appreciate the honesty of the ad- it doesn't show families with children cruising around in it.  So it's basically a beach buggy for legal road use.  Ok, fine.

3.  What happpens the first time you encounter high winds while driving this thing?  My guess is that it becomes a very expensive kite.

All this being said, I really hope this thing turns out to be a huge seller, leading every other car company to rush to build competitors.  I just don't see that happening until they find somewhere to stick a DVD player and WiFi, though.  Because people are spoiled brats with their cars and electronics these days.

(BTW, Critics?  You really need to get help if you can't stop raving about everything.  I suggest rabies shots.)

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