Friday, April 22, 2016

Poor, Sad, Deluded Woman with a camera and back pain

And if we look into this room, we can see that this patient has decorated her walls with photographs of sunrises.  She is a very interesting case- it seems that she's convinced herself that she is a professional photographer who must get up before dawn every morning to photograph sunrises because "it's her job."  

No snickering, please.  It's very unprofessional.  Let's show some compassion, shall we, for this sad case.  And for the orderlies,  who are required to unlock her door a few minutes before sunrise so that she can head outside and get that Perfect Shot of something that has happened several billion times in the past and will happen several billion times in the future, whether she manages to get it on film or not.   We had an extremely difficult time with her last week, when her back pain caused her to sleep late several times and she spent every daylight hour overcome with guilt and anger that a sunrise had actually been allowed to pass without her present with her Very Important Camera.

When she first came to us, her family explained that when they tried to tell her that stumbling out of the house and taking photographs of the sunrise wasn't exactly a "job" that anyone could expect to get paid for, she flew into a rage and accused them of not wanting to buy her film and plotting to get her fired from the imaginary magazines and news services which were always willing to pay for infinite photographs of the same thing.  And it didn't matter that she would often be sitting on rocks by the ocean at 10 AM, staring into bright sunlight, taking photographs of the ocean hours after dawn had broken- attempting to get her inside before she was "finished" her "work" could prove downright dangerous.  So they brought her here, telling her that this was the National Headquarters For Maintaining Evidence of Consistent Sunrises and that it just made sense that she make it her permanent residence.

So if you decide to actually go into her room and talk with her, please compliment her on her collection of sunrise photos, and thank her for the important-- umm-- "work" that she's carrying on for our benefit.  Oh, and ask her how her back is doing.  She appreciates that, too. 


  1. Are you a failed creative in advertising? Failed actor? Because it's not hard to spot the anger and resentment. While you are whining away at your keyboard in your mom's basement, bashing fleeting and benign commercial campaigns to your 29 sad followers, resourceful people are actually working in these industries & laughing...all the way to the bank...

    1. Yeah, but you read my blog. I have no clue who you are- and care even less. Take that to the bank.