Friday, April 15, 2016

I've heard the food is pretty good for a chain, though....

There's actually two compilations of these Sonic commercials available on YouTube, and I can't imagine why.  I certainly don't want to meet anyone who enjoys this stupidity so much they'd sit down to twenty minutes of two-guys-in-a-car-talking-food ads.

I mean, really.  If I want to watch two guys sitting in a car engaged in witless, inane, self-indulgent blather, there are countless episodes of Midnight Screenings also available on YouTube.


  1. I like Midnight Screenings, but Brad Tries is way better.

    1. I like a few of his Cinema Snobs clips, but the movies are usually too obscure. The Notalgia Critic is too loud and frentic for me. My favorite is Atheists Watch, because I love watching religious movies getting trashed.