Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm still trying to catch up with Owen myself, GE.....

It's bad enough that there is now an entire series of GE commercial storylines built around this weird doofus with too much gel in his hair.  But I wish they'd stick to their own lame script- does Owen have the authority to hire people, or not?  The first ad suggests that he doesn't, the second that he does.

Plus, what does Owen say to either job-hunter that convinces them they really, really want to work for GE?  He doesn't say what his salary, benefits package, health insurance or hours are.  He just spews his usual "we are changing the world" bs.  Why is this attractive to anyone?  Personally, I'd rather get in on the brain-drone thing; that looks like it would be an instant money maker.  General Electric?  Last time I checked, doofus Owen was talking about writing code to help machines "talk to eachother."  Boooorrring.

So is Owen hiring now?  Can we get that straight before we create any more of these ads, please?

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