Wednesday, June 8, 2016

But only girls need it....

"In fact, SeroVital has ALREADY been featured in National Magazines!"  Well, that settles that.

Seriously?  We are still pitching Human Growth Hormone drugs on low-budget cable commercials?  This snake oil was being peddled back in the 90s by G. Gordon Liddy; never mind that if there was anything at all legitimate behind the magical claims, it would be flying off the shelves at actual drug stores and not being sold to us during commercial breaks for B-movies and television shows that have been off the air since I was in High School.  Give me a break.


  1. I often wish you would tackle those Bath Fitter commercials.
    Something about even the concept behind such services doesn't seem right or logical to me.

  2. Nah, the Toilet Light has to be next. Seen that? It lights up your toilet when it detects motion in the bathroom at night so you don't have to turn on that BLINDING BATHROOM LIGHT that will render you sightless and wake up your poor sleeping partner. And it lights up your toilet in a variety of appealing colors! Just what you wanted, your bodily wastes lit up like Niagara Falls.

    One more thing about this ad: it mentions SeroVital has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show! Yet another ringing endorsement that tells you all you need to know.