Sunday, June 12, 2016

I bet all these idiots live together, sharing rent in a dumpy one-bedroom in a low-maintenence, absentee-landlord complex

What do you do if you are an overeducated college graduate with $200,000 in student loan debt in a stagnant service economy or an undereducated High School dropout with no debt but also absolutely no promising career options in that same stagnant service economy?

Why, you form a "team" of giddy Ikea employees and live vicariously through the lives of the much more successful customers you've been hired to make their lives better through budget home improvement, of course!

Seriously, maybe it's just because I'm a pretty lousy human being, but I just can't understand how the Ikea wage slaves in these ads could get so damned excited about using someone else's money to make someone else's life just a little more comfortable.  Is it just the added bonus of being in commercials? I sure hope so.  Because man, if you get this hyped at adding a tiny shred of happiness to the lives of already-spoiled brats who can't come up with the simplest home makeover ideas on their own, your existence really is as pointless as you realize it is in your fleeting moments of self-reflection.

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