Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Owen's job description continues to confound me

Again, maybe I'm just skipping over the absolute dreck that this series of "Owen" commercials has become, but I just have to ask- wasn't this greasy geek himself just hired by GE a few months ago?  Why are people throwing their resumes at him- for all of the banal generalities he's thrown around about his job (he's going to "change the world" by "making it easier for machines to talk to eachother"- looks to me like he's just sitting in an incredibly sterile environment tapping away at a keyboard while the world outside the enormous windows just passes him by) he's never mentioned that he has any power to hire anyone.  In fact, in an earlier ad he made it very clear that he does NOT hire people.  So why are resumes being brought to his attention like this?  Doesn't GE have a human resources department- and if Owen is the human resources department, what happened to all that "getting machines to talk to eachother" and "changing the world" bs?

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