Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Levittown Hillbillies?

1.  Someone invited these people to a wedding?  Seriously?  I would have hired guards to keep them at least 200 yards away.

2.  This lunatic lives in a freaking palace of a house?  I know that's kind of required for all commercial-world dwellers, but still-- this woman can't have a job that calls for more skill than restocking the shelves at the dollar store. She didn't pay for that house.

3.  These people must be the absolute delight of their neighbors.  Actually, I'm pretty sure that the neighbors are going to use the next few days to try to sell their houses to unsuspecting wannabee suburbanites who won't know until it's too late that they are living next to such loud, obnoxious jagoffs.

4.  Please don't buckle up, kids.  Just keep driving too fast and yelling "ROAD TRIP!!!!" every few seconds.  Nobody wants you in the neighborhood, nobody wants you ruining their wedding, and I know at least one blogger who never, ever wants to see you on tv again.

5.  Oh my God, I just looked at the side panel on YouTube and realized....this commercial is one of a series.  I am never going to run out of material.

1 comment:

  1. To add to #4, you know how he tells her "Signal, please" and "Keep it on the right, keep it on the right"? Maybe you should hope she forgets these (U.S., anyway) driving basics. Because if she does, chances are their road trip will end a whole lot sooner.