Wednesday, October 26, 2016

And in the end, your invisible coffin will be lined with gold. Congratulations.

I'm going to skip the more obvious theme of this commerical- that Jim Cramer is a money-obsessed vampire who sees absolutely EVERYTHING in terms of dollars and cents and that this is a GOOD thing- and instead focus on a piece of product placement which, if you think about it, actually fails pretty miserably.

In the original Ironman film in 2006, Tony Stark announces that Stark Industries is halting all weapon production.  That night, we see Pepper Potts watching Jim Cramer discuss this decision on his headache-inducing show Mad Money.  Cramer is ranting about how terrible this decision is and how his advice to stockholders is to SELL SELL SELL.

Moments later, we see Potts tell Tony that the stock had dropped 56 points on the news.

So Jim Cramer's advice to people who own stock in a company which has (presumably) always done extremely well and has a well-known genius as it's president is to dump the stock AFTER it has dropped 56 points- basically, to take an enormous loss?  Not to see this as a fantastic opportunity to buy up stock at suddenly bargain-basement prices?  Who would listen to this?  Is Cramer totally on the take here, urging his viewers to sell to further depress the price so he can buy more?

Well, possibly.  Cramer does sell this "opportunity" to find out in advance what he buys and sells, for a small subscription fee- he promised to let people know BEFORE he buys or sells, but big deal if "before" means a thousandth of a second before the deal goes through when he sells.  But that's not the topic of today's post.  It's the product placement, which seems pretty silly when you think about it- how is showing Cramer to be a panicky idiot any great advertisement for his show?

Then again, why is a commercial showing Cramer to be an obsessive creep about money a great advertisement for his show?

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