Saturday, October 22, 2016

For some people, November 8 is the Beginning of the End. Might as well cash in now!

The scenes of Not Caused By Humans storm damage didn't convince me to buy this 25-year shelf life Must Have Survival Food, nor did the happy scene of the extremely white family passing around bowls of hot Gourmet Survival Comfort Food while nuclear winter went on its merry way outside.  I think what really sold me on this stuff was the crazy-eyed woman suffering from the collagen overdose.  Really, will lip enhancement services be available after the apocalypse?

But wait- even if I do purchase the 25-year emergency food supply I NEED, how will I be able to hold on to it in a world where clueless niave tree-hugging hippies and Berniebros and supporters of Killery Lock Her Up Clinton didn't think ahead like I do?  Oh right, I forgot--

Hey, NRA tool- I've got a message for every frightened, bed-wetting little boy who feels more like a man when he's carrying an AR-15 and who thinks that AR-15 is going to protect him from terrorist attacks and a tyrannical government which has nuclear weapons: Issues.  Get help with them.  Until you do, please stop donating and voting.  We are trying to have a society here.


  1. That's the problem with their reasoning:
    If these disasters DO come to pass the circumstances will be way too overwhelming for anyone to be able to get a handle on.
    Nothing in the world will be adequate enough to alleviate the situation for ANY one group or individual.
    Pure hubris is all I can say. That quintessential disease of the smug self-assured "domineering" mindset.

  2. The weird thing is that I remember something Discovery or A&E did about a fake disaster. The preppers were the first to go down because they'd made big targets of themselves and choked in the face of a mob.