Monday, October 24, 2016

"The Check Cleared, So Here's Me, Endorsing This."

1.  How did the conversation you had in the back seat of the car that got you yelled at by your parents turn into a good idea for a cell service commercial?  When did "annoying" become entertaining?  Oh, right- Jamie Foxx.

2.  I get the whole idea of celebrity endorsement deals.  But don't they only make sense when the celebrity has something- ANYTHING- to do with the product he or she is endorsing?  Why the hell should I take Jamie Foxx's advice on cell service plans?  I mean, could it be more obvious that he's bleating memorized lines in exchange for a paycheck?   "Hey, I'm a famous, recognizable face.  I'm here to tell you to buy this because I'm famous and recognizable.  Ok, so Jamie Foxx telling you to use this cell service maybe doesn't make as much sense as Matthew McConaughey showing you how much fun it is to drive a Lexus because he probably owns one, but it certainly makes as much sense as Magic Johnson extolling the firtues of Rent-A-Center because while Jamie Foxx might actually use this cell service, there's no freaking way Magic Johnson has ever stepped foot into a Rent-A-Center!"

3.  On another note, does anyone listen to the Sirius/XM radio show "The Foxxhole with Jamie Foxx?"  May I ask why?

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