Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hey, Verizon? Move on now. Just move on. We're all done with this.

Maybe it was easy for the crowd to guess that the network this douchenozzle is talking about is Verizon because he has the most recognizable, most punchable face on television?  And maybe instead of taking this as evidence that everyone is familiar with Verizon's stellar record for service, Verizon might figure out that this bit has been done to death and we all want to see this guy given his walking papers already?

Maybe the next time Verizon attempts to set up in a park or waterfront or wherever so this guy can bleat ten seconds of what is apparently supposed to be improv gushing, the crowd can just boo and tell him to get lost because It's Over and We Hate Your Face and Your Schtick Has Gone to Seed?



  1. One should realize the reason God created commercials is so that one would get a moment to use the bathroom, or have time to grab a sandwich and beer, or fix another cup of tea or coffee, or fix another bowl of cereal.
    ...unless one seriously believes they have a genuine need for a 9-piece furniture set in the front area of their small one-bedroom apartment, or that they need this year's model of vehicles from a half-dozen automakers all at the same time regardless of financial standing or ability to even find the space to park all of them----or finding any practical application for possessing so many that are unlikely to get enough use to merit their presence.

    1. It would be cool if the crowd would shout stuff like "we know it's Verizon, we've seen these commercials a thousand times and we saw them setting up the stupid letters and we're sick to death of your punchable face" instead of bleating their lines like pathetic sheep.