Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The REAL outrage in this "interracial" Taco Bell $5 Cravings Box Ad

It's not that it features a white girl with a black boyfriend.  The sad little morons with their brains and other body parts buried firmly in the past have a hard time dealing with that, but seriously, it's 2018.  Who gives a damn that white people date black people?  As long as her grandfather doesn't want to implant his personality into that guy through complicated brain surgery, nobody should have an issue with this.

It's not even that this slim young woman is eating her boyfriend's food.  I am going to be a bit sexist here, so go ahead and flame me if you want- when I was in my late-teens and early-twenties, I could easily wolf down this stuff, burp, and go for ice cream.  No problem.  I had a Buy One Get One Free coupon at Wendy's once when I was in college and sat down at a booth and ate two "Big Classics," two orders of french fries, and two sodas in one sitting.  Because I was a 19-year old male.  My wife had a very healthy appetite but she was also very athletic; I knew where those calories were going.  I just can't see this little thing packing away all that greasy food.

And it's not that her boyfriend just left a box of food sitting on the table while he went off to do...something.  Is that stuff even warm?  Did he microwave it after bringing it back from Taco Bell?  Why isn't it steaming?  So it's cold?  The only thing I want to eat less than Taco Bell is cold Taco Bell.

And it's not that two people who look like they are barely in their twenties seem to be living in an enormous, well-furnished house - what the hell is it with the people in TV land, they seem to think these places are handed out like voter registration cards at the DMV.  What, are these two kids investment brokers just out of High School?

No, I'm going to focus on something else entirely.  Some years back, Taco Bell was purchased by Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Or KFC was purchased by Taco Bell.  Or they formed some kind of partnership to share building space.  Whatever, I've posted before about the Magic Overflowing KFC bucket that appears in every Greasy Chicken for Whole Family ad.  Well, at the beginning of this commercial, we see the young woman opening the $5 Cravings Box like she expects to find a pearl necklace inside.  Then we see what's in the box from her point of view and DON'T EVEN TRY TO TELL ME THAT FOOD FIT IN THAT BOX WITH THE LID CLOSED.  Don't EVEN go there.

Hey, I just noticed that this ad features a white girl in a relationship with a black guy.  How progressive.  I bet some people have a real problem with that.  Because there are still a lot of losers out there.  If they weren't so blinded by their stupid retrograde attitudes, they might have noticed that TACO BELL IS LYING ABOUT THE SIZE OF IT'S FOOD.  Which is infinitely more important.

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  1. Honestly i was just more annoyed that she scarfed his food while he was out of the room and just shrugged and said sorry!