Thursday, January 4, 2018

Oh, and we aren't putting together IBMs for a dollar an hour in Southeast Asia. There's that, too.

Here's what it says in the video description: "Commutes. Meetings. Microwave lunches. You deal with it all not just for a paycheck, but because you actually like what you do. "

And the actual dialogue of this disgustingly whiny First World Problems ad doesn't get any better:

"Another day of work. Another round of all this" ("all this" being a broken rolling suitcase and someone eavesdropping on your screen on the crowded bus- hey buddy, this isn't your living room. Doing something private? Do it somewhere private.)

"Why do you do it? Why do you put up with it?" Um, because Capitalism? Because for 99 percent of us "putting up" with work is the only way we can make the money needed to participate in the economy by buying food and clothing, paying rent or mortgage, and all those other things kind of necessary so we don't die? That's why pretty much all of us "put up with it" ("it" being the little annoyances that are always portrayed as crippling hassles in commercials aimed at us First Worlders.)

"It's not just a paycheck. You actually like what you do." Sure, I do. Some of us do. A lot of us don't. But that's completely beside the point, because whether we like what we do or not, we still have to do if we want to function and survive in our Capitalist society. So I'll congratulate myself for actually liking my job, and anyone else who also likes their job. But that's just a bonus. We may work AND like what we do, but we have work. Almost all of us. So spare me the attempt at Prager U-level Yay Work hypnotic suggestion, please.

The rest of us this proto-Fascist 71 seconds of crud is all about how IBM is doing stuff to make us more innovative and above all more productive in our work, which I guess is supposed to involve sitting around with a crowd of scruffy millenials looking at screens and then staring at clothes in storefront windows (creating new fashions wasn't possible before IBM did something? Huh?) And in the end, we are eternally grateful for the job we go to whether we love or not because It's Better than Starving and here's some inspiring Italian opera music that doesn't deserve to be used to pitch International Business Machines to convince me that despite living in an era and society which would seem like paradise to pretty much anyone living anywhere else at any other time in human history Life Is Kind of a Pain Except What an Awesome Job I Have. WTF-ever, IBM.

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