Monday, January 1, 2018

Your "own legacy"= finding reasons to abandon the family to be with your loved one. Right, INFINITI?

The couple in this ad live in an unbelievably opulent suburban mansion with their perfect little children and as near as I can tell are getting ready to host a dinner party for themselves and their equally perfect little friends.

Except, Hubby keeps "forgetting" to pick up stuff at the Ridiculously Overpriced But Who Cares Fresh and Imported Food Store - he forgets the sweet potatoes, then he forgets the shrimp, and it's oh so funny because in the hours leading up to the party he simply can't bear to be with TrophyWife and TrophyKids.  Or he simply can't bear to be away from the new car.  Either way, this isn't at all funny or relatable.

And the "punchline"- that it's finally TrophyWife's turn to abandon the house and family and go off for a drive - I'd say thank goodness gas prices are back down below $2.50 a gallon but who are we kidding, this family doesn't notice fuel prices and for sure doesn't give a damn about it's carbon footprint- and she does so with a very satisfied, "this makes living with that douche worth it" look on her face.  I'm sure the Wine, Brie, Shrimp, Sweet Potatoes and Organic Pasta place will be glad to see her and her credit card.

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  1. I saw that ad too and also thought it was SO STUPID. And the inconsiderate husband!