Monday, December 16, 2019

Not much to say about this Wayfair Ad....

...except that the little girl this guy married is truly insane.  I mean, just look at how she acted as the UPS guy kept showing up with crap from Wayfair, delivering packages by the freaking metric ton.  She looks like she's experiencing an LSD trip as she opens boxes, dancing around the tree and literally draping decorations around her neck.  What. The Actual. F--k.  Is wrong with this woman?

Whatever it is, it's apparently just fine with her husband.  Either that, he's in for a serious shock when the VISA bill arrives in January.  But I'm guessing he intentionally married a stunted child who looked fertile and just accepts the shopaholic behavior as just part of the package.  To each his own, buddy.

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  1. I've ordered many home items from Wayfair before and they were all really good quality and affordable items! The customer service has been great and even after them sending the wrong item, they sent the correct item and let us keep the incorrect item. It is also pretty easy to manage your order online!