Thursday, December 19, 2019

WeFixMoney Presents: The worst use of GoAnimate I've ever seen

For three years, GoAnimate For Schools was one of my favorite hobbies.  Every other week or so, I'd devote two or three hours to making a 3 or 4 minute video which I would then share with my class and on Facebook, just for fun.  Then GoAnimate changed it's name to Vyond, got super greedy, and got rid of GoAnimate For Schools and it's awesome $79-per-year subscription, replacing it with a virtually identical service with a $299 per year price tag.  Oh well, it was a fun hobby while it lasted- but I don't have $299 burning a hole in MY pocket.

Here's an awful use of the old GoAnimate software:  A GetPoorQuick instant loan "service" which promises to "match you up" with any number of stratosphere-high-interest cash advances to pay for car repairs, mortgage, whatever when your credit is in the toilet and you have no friends or family to lean on in a pinch.  Need $500?  $1000?  More?  No matter- the nice people at WeFixMoney will get that cash into your account quick, and all it will cost you is a monthly payment including interest rates approaching 2000%.  But don't worry about that- just make the minimum required monthly payment.   Forever.

How could such cutesy, friendly-looking GoAnimate characters steer you wrong?  Well, the ones I put into motion never did, and never could.  These, however, are setting up a trap for the Stupid and Desperate.  If GoAnimate was still affordable, I'd love to create an animated response to garbage like this.  Instead, I'll have to reply from my $10-per-year blog.  Better than nothing, I guess.

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