Saturday, December 14, 2019

WeatherTec: When you're completely dead inside

How do you know that the best years of your life are far, far behind you and every trace of your youth has been vanquished by age and the grind of routine?

Well, an excellent clue will be when you find yourself with visions of cupholders, weatherproof floor mats, and Smartphone dashboard accessories dancing in your head so insistently that you spend a ridiculous amount of time working to convince your Significant Other that all you want for Christmas is stuff that any normal person would just buy over the course of the year, as needed.  When that happens- yes, you're dead.  Just arrange the funeral already.

That being said-- what a contrast these people are to the Lexus, Audi and Buick Couples handing each other actual luxury cars for the holidays.  This guy doesn't want a new car- he wants some stuff to keep his old car looking better.  Almost makes me feel bad to snark on him, considering that he's being quite reasonable in his gift requests.  I'm assuming he doesn't live on the same block as that kid who got a $50,000 car by blackmailing Santa with an unflattering photograph or the woman whose hubby "delighted" her with a Peloton bike.  In other words, this is almost relatable.  I wonder if this guy's wife wants something equally practical?


  1. Uh. No. She's the maniac in the Wayfair ad who looks like a "Just Say No" ad gone horribly wrong.

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