Saturday, February 15, 2020

American Car Shield + Ernie Hudson = Really, Really Sad

I'd say this is another case of a big Hollywood Star (or retired athlete) shilling for a few extra dollars- like Magic Johnson shilling for Rent A Center or Shaquille O'Neal pimping for The General car insurance.  Except, Ernie Hudson is not and never has been a big Hollywood Star.  This is a lot more like Wesley Snipes pitching anything he can get paid for pitching.  Shame on you, Earnie.  You were a freaking Ghostbuster when that meant something!

I wasn't going to use this ad. I was going to leave Ernie alone.  After all, I've snarked on this company before and I don't like to go back to the same well too often.  But two things changed my mind and convinced me to make this post:

1.  American Car Shield has apparently decided to be a HUGE sponsor of the XFL.  Not only did this commercial show up no less than a dozen times during the game I was watching this afternoon, but a THIRTY MINUTE INFOMERCIAL VERSION came on immediately following.  It's on as I'm typing this- and from my den I can hear disgusting lying spokeschoads yukking it up with Ernie Hudson about how "the check engine light is the scariest sight in the whole world" (that's the definition of Privilege, people) and yakking with nameless mechanics (unless you think a first name followed by an initial is a name) about how high even the simplest auto repair bills can be these days we've all got to stretch every dollar as far as it can go during these tough times yadda yadda yadda buy this scummy, scammy non-insurance 'cause look Ernie Hudson and all these "mechanics" and actors pretending to be customers just swear by it.

2.  Ernie Hudson commits two unforgivable crimes during (at least the long version) of this ad.  First, he's sitting there wearing a stupid Official Car Shield t-shirt like he's an f--ing employee you might expect to bump into at the non-existent Official Car Shield Office That Doesn't Exist Near You.  Second, he tells us - with a straight face- "when you need affordable coverage on your car, who ya gonna call?"  Yes, he went there.  I can only hope that Columbia Pictures slaps this bs "insurance" company down hard with a trademark violation suit.  Sorry, Ernie, but you and your new friends would totally deserve it.

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