Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Just for fun, here's a vintage Nationwide Insurance Commercial!

1.  I don't have any kids, so I never got to experience the joys of "take your child to work day."  I always imagined that it meant showing your offspring what mommy or daddy do for a living.  I didn't think it meant "bring your child to your place of work and then totally ignore them while they attempt to murder customers."  The boy in this ad is totally unsupervised as he launches tiny missiles, potentially lethal rolls of quarters, etc. at the hapless guy in the drive-thru while his having a 20-minute coffee break with the entire staff of the bank, I guess.

2.  I HAVE owned a car before, and I'm pretty sure that if I was in a bank drive-thru and it became clear that someone in the bank was trying to murder me by launching sharp or blunt objects at me at high speed, I would at least move that car ten feet to get out of the Kill Zone.  This guy just gets on his phone and calls his insurance agent while keeping his face right next to what has obviously become a gun nozzle.  It's pretty impressive that his skull isn't crushed, but if I were his insurance agent I'd ask him why he just sat there and allowed his car to take all this abuse instead of...well, like I suggested, depressing the gas pedal and moving ten feet forward.  Nationwide may be on your side, but I think Nationwide would also like its customers to show just a LITTLE common sense.  Just a LITTLE. 

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