Friday, February 14, 2020

Superbowl Commercial Fail # 4- the Domino's Pizza "Risky Business" commercial

Somehow, the human-sized fungus in this ad is living in a palace of a house- I'm thinking "lottery winner" or maybe "house-sitter."  House-sitter would certainly explain why he starts the commercial trying to eat a TV dinner he has no interest in.

Anyway, Domino's decided that we're all super-nostalgic about the 80s nowadays (we've got that Top Gun sequel coming up this summer, right?) and everyone over the age of 45 or so will remember when Tom Cruise danced around the house in his underwear.  What Domino's forgot was that the scene they are lamely attempting to copy here takes place EARLY in the film, before Cruise's character has the night of his life- and having the night of his life has absolutely nothing to do with eating a bland, mass-produced pile of carbohydrates and sugar which tastes only slightly better than the box it came in.

The delivery guy makes some allusion to the idea that the fungus is going to have a great night.  Yeah, that's what I would think if I delivered a pizza to a guy I caught dancing around in his underwear, all by himself.  Right after I thought "wow, what a winner" and "I'd give anything to be THIS guy."  Uh huh.

Let's be real.  The dancing bacteria stain is going to take that pizza and a pack of Red Bull to his Rogers Electric Game Brick and settle down for a long night of playing whatever Call of Duty version we're up to these days.  The best part of his night- anticipating the brief human contact that came along with the pizza- is over.  As over as Domino's poorly thought-out attempt to tickle my nostalgia bone.


  1. I think the commercial is terrible, and actually hate it from beginning to end. I'm not sure why you are very rudely describing the ACTOR acting out a paid gig earning a living/working.To be honest your description smacks of racism. Why cant someone of color or younq own a house like that? BTW The house isn't anything grand, not sure what youre used to. Hating the commercial is one thing but profiling and describing a complete stranger in this way is ignorant.

  2. Please take this commercial off!!!!!!!! It is irritating when it comes on every day every other commercial. I hate it!!!!!!

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