Saturday, February 22, 2020

Another Good2Go Insurance Ad, finally featuring a white woman with kids!

"Cheap tuna baked item AGAIN?"

"I'm broke!  I spent all my money on actual, functional, legitimate car insurance!"

"Who are you talking too, mommy?  And really?  You're broke?  Where's dad?  Where's the child support?  Can't we get benefits from those nice people who must be helping you pay for this house?"

"Just eat your tuna whatever."

Three Days Later:

"Wow, steak?  Did you get a better job, Mommy?  Or did you get benefits?"

"Nope!  I just dumped that expensive, actual, functional, legitimate car insurance and got cut-rate, barely-legal car insurance from Good2Go!  And now we can afford steak!  It's all about priorities, kids!"

"Um, Mommy?  We can go back to eating tuna.  That's better for us than steak anyway.  We'd rather be covered in case you have another accident."

"Shut up and eat your steak, Mommy's having a night out and needs to feed you and stick you in front of the TV before she goes.  Now that I can drive AND have some pocket money, Mommy's finally going to live a little."

"Mommy?  Can we please just go back to walking everywhere?"

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