Friday, June 19, 2020

Lit Mobile's Charger Scam makes me happy for some reason

Maybe it's because the only ad I could find for this "solar powered lightning-fast phone charger" was disguised as a YouTube Review.  I could probably start a spin-off to this blog devoted to phony YouTube reviews.  The Evil Genius of creating fake reviews just makes my heart glow, especially when they are drowned by Actual Reviews exposing their fakery.  So much fun to watch.

Anyway, this Amazing Solar Powered Charger being sold for sixty percent off ($39.99) for a limited time only (it's a Spring Sale, and my calendar tells me that there's less than 48 hours left to Spring) is absolutely identical to something called the Innovative JD-T19 3 USB Ports Solar Charger 200000mh Wireless Power Bank Q1 Solar Panel Charger Power Bank (that's exactly what it's called) available at everybody's favorite source of mystery-box junk, Alibaba.  Except that at Alibaba, it costs $10.99.  And it might even show up in your mailbox someday. 

Ok, that's not fair- it's entirely possible that Lil Mobile will send you a charger in exchange for your $39.99, eventually.  It'll just be the same one you could have picked up for $10.99 at Alibaba.  Probably from the same warehouse in Guangzhou.  And then you'll have a light-up paperweight that would have been very expensive at $10.99.

Here's what gets me about these phony chargers and other electronics scams- everyone who owns a SmartPhone knows where they can get legitimate chargers for them, because Apple, Samsung etc sell chargers from their official sites.  Those companies have zero incentive for making it difficult for us to charge our phones, so why wouldn't we just assume that they'd be on the cutting edge of charging technology?  Why would we trust some unfamiliar company to provide us with the best chargers?  Makes no sense. 

And other than the debunking videos being fun to watch, I can't really explain why these commercials make me happy.  Maybe it's because most of the people who fall for these pitches are probably just stupid kids who can't keep their phones charged because they never stop using them.  Anything that throws a wrench into their nonstop jabbering, watching and texting is going to warm my cold dead heart just a little.


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