Friday, June 26, 2020

Time for my annual rant against T Mobile...

...which I would be more than happy to forego as soon as T Mobile recognizes that Vermont is part of the Nation, and that if you're going to call yourself the Nationwide Leader in Nationwide Coverage, you really ought to provide a service that doesn't give me "No Network Connection" messages every time I try to make a call from the house I grew up in five miles outside of Barre (the third-largest city in the state.)

Not much left to say, actually.  T Mobile is horrible here and these "We can't stop talking about how incredibly amazing we are with our Nationwide Coverage" commercials are just insults added to an injury which repeats every summer.   For the third summer in a row, T Mobile:  Get your freaking act together in the rest of the United States.  Or STFU. 

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