Saturday, June 27, 2020

Not sure what to do with this Folger's Throwback

I hadn't heard the familiar Folger's jingle for years- maybe its not a universal throwback, but it is to me. 

Nothing else about this commercial is familiar, however.  As near as I can tell, this woman intended to surprise her husband in the shower, but her father-in-law was in there instead (with another guy who was in there fully, dressed, singing.  This got really weird, really fast.)   So I guess she forgot her father-in-law was visiting?  Or he regularly comes over to his house for a shower?  Or he lives with her and her husband now?  And brought someone to help him clean himself in the shower?

Considering that for the rest of the ad, the father-in-law walks around wearing a towel but still just as soapy as he was when discovered in the shower, I have to figure Father in Law Steve has been moved in for his own good, and isn't All There by any measure.  And that guy in the shower with him is an employee of some local home health agency who shows up every morning to make sure Steve gets out of bed and cleaned up.

Whatever, this poor woman has problems that are not going to be solved by crappy canned coffee.  If her Father in Law has moved in for the long term, she's going to have to start making some serious demands of her husband- like, good fresh, ground coffee that doesn't come in a can.  And maybe an addition to the house that includes a private bath off the master bedroom.  If Father in Law is just....there, we really need an explanation as to why he felt compelled to take a shower in her house, and why her interrupting that shower resulted in him apparently decided that he wasn't going to get rinsed off, let alone dressed, for the rest of the day.

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