Sunday, June 21, 2020

Mercedes-Benz trains up the next generation of insufferable brats

Ok, so the little boy in this commercial is eager to go on his very first date (I guess) but there's a snowstorm, which for pretty much anyone else on the planet would mean the date is going to be postponed.*   Problem is, this kid isn't used to being disappointed.  He looks like an only child, he lives in the suburbs, and mom and dad own a Mercedes.  So he's all ready to go, grab the keys, dad.

Not only does dad drive the kid to the mall, but he seems determined to get there and then back home to the family McMansion as quickly as possible, because he's not driving especially slowly considering its kind of been implied that its not that safe to be driving. 

They arrive at the movie theater, which considering the empty parking lot sure looks closed because- well, the weather, after all.  But again, this is a rich kid with a rich family who gets what he wants, so they just park in the empty lot and go in.

There's one worker at the concession stand.  She's there just in case this kid and his dad ignored the obvious bad weather and drove out assuming everything would be perfectly fine.  Don't know how she got there, but I think it's safe to assume that she had a hard time of it as I'm pretty sure she doesn't own a Mercedes Benz.  But it's also safe to assume that she can't afford to just not come in to work even if the weather is bad if the theater owners want to stay open just in case some spoiled knothead insists on watching a movie during a blizzard.

There's no one in the theater- I guess he was supposed to meet his date in there, and not in the lobby, where he could buy her ticket and offer her popcorn and soda.  He decides that her father had a little more common sense and just told his daughter "sorry, but there will be lots of opportunities to organize a make-up date," for chrissakes.

Oh, but no- turns out that this little kid runs with his Own Kind, and asked out a Little Princess  whose father also owns a Mercedes Benz and who also doesn't know how to raise a sensible kid or doesn't think he has to because, after all, he's rich and owns a Mercedes Benz. 

I didn't watch the end of the commercial, so if it doesn't end with these entitled brats sitting by themselves in the theater eating popcorn and drinking soda watching a film being projected by one irritated worker drone while another mans the concession stand Just in Case Their Highnesses might want some candy at some point, you can let me know.

The Privilege!  It Burns!

 *When I was in college, my very first date with a girl I liked was supposed to be at Ronald Reagan's second inaugural parade.  It was cancelled due to inclement weather.  If I were an older version of these kids at that time, I guess I would have jumped into my own Mercedes-Benz, picked up that girl, and headed off Pennsylvania Avenue to sit in the stands while my parents demanded that the High School bands start entertaining us.  I mean, come on.  LIFE HAPPENS, KIDS.  But I guess if you own a Mercedes,  Life is just something that gets out of your way.


  1. This ad is running in your area? I saw this three years ago or more during Christmas season

    1. Nope, I missed it during it's run and stumbled upon it on YouTube. Too good to pass up.