Thursday, July 30, 2020 choose wisely....

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...because this has got #choosepoorlyandyouvepickedyourhusbandsnexttrophywife written all over it. 

If I were any of these wives, I certainly wouldn't be asking my husband for his help in choosing the next "babysitter" to come into the home.  I've seen enough Lifetime Channel movies this summer to know that that would be a BAD idea, unless you're ready and able to veto anyone HE likes.  

(BTW, very sorry about the lack of instant video and the appearance of the embed code instead; I hope it's just a temporary connectivity issue while I'm here in Vermont.  I can't think of any other explanation, but I'll look into it if the problem continues when I'm back in Maryland, the land of Regular, 21st century internet.  In the meantime, just cut and paste, you lazy twats!)

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