Friday, July 17, 2020

Leaf Fitter knows its target audience

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It looks for all the world like a group of a few dozen Senior Citizens were offered tea, sandwiches and something to do with their sad, retired lives* and took the bait, sitting in on a sales pitch for one of these gutter lid things being given by a guy who sounds like he'd really, really rather be selling them Time Shares.

It's hard to imagine that the gutter cover salesperson could have found a friendlier, more enthusiastic-to-learn-about-gutter-lids audience than these people, so he can stick to the soft sell....but I still wish he had broken into a song and dance about how they got trouble right here in River City or they really really need a Monorail but meanwhile the answer to their Upper Middle Class Comfy Suburban Lives is a screen for their gutters.

The sales guy answers all of their questions so nicely, I imagine that besides signing up to get the gutter things installed more than a few of these grandparents slipped him their granddaughter's phone number- "I can't believe she's still single, she's so smart and talented and cute, she's a real catch just give her a call!"  At any rate, from the looks of things Leaf Fitter is going to be very, very busy over the next few days installing cheap pieces of scrap metal with holes in it on to the homes of old idiots who were so mesmerized at their salesperson's description of Permanently Clean Gutters that they totally forgot they pay a kid $10 to clean those gutters once every spring.  And those are just the people who are sure they HAVE gutters.  The rest are NOT sure, because they never checked, but they would like this guy to call their granddaughter anyway.

*I guess I should be grateful that they are taking some time off from blathering into their awesome Consumer Cellular phones about how awesome their Consumer Cellular phones are.  That's something, anyway. 

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