Saturday, July 25, 2020

The most depressing thing about this Geico Commercial...

...isn't all the stuff about Neighborhood Associations.  Yes, they can be this tyrannical, allegedly in the name of keeping home values up but more often to feed the little Fascist that exists buried inside all of us, waiting for an opportunity to spring out. 

Nor is it the idea that I'm supposed to feel sorry for this couple who just want to enjoy their vast Suburban McMansion.  Everyone in TV commercials lives in a house like this, or an almost equally massive luxury apartment- doesn't matter if the inhabitants are dog walkers, kindergarten teachers or hedge fund managers, they can all afford sprawling housing units that look like they have bedrooms the residents haven't discovered yet.

No, the most depressing thing about this Geico Commercial comes at the very end, when the stars of this dumb nugget of an ad let us know how we can see "more stories" featuring actors placed in contrived situations which have nothing to do with Geico but are supposed to amuse and entertain Because You Are Very Dumb.  It's depressing because you know there are people who will actually want more servings of this rotten decaying carcass of a concept because What The Heck It's Like Watching TV.  Never mind that these people were more particular in their choice of entertainment when they were babies fascinated with car keys and anything else they could shove into their mouths.

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