Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Kelly Clarkson, Wayfair, and the last gasps of the Easily Triggered

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1.  How does the sudden appearance of Kelly Clarkson cause a very hot dish to suddenly not be very hot anymore?  I mean, one second this guy is frantically looking for a place to lay something he just took out of the oven, and the next he's just standing there wondering why Kelly Clarkson is standing in his kitchen bleating a pitch for Wayfair, everyone's favorite source of crap furniture not named IKEA.

2.  What does Kelly Clarkson have to do with ordering crap furniture, anyway?  Wikipedia tells me that this woman has a net worth of $45 million.  She doesn't need to do this.  But then again, Shaq doesn't have to pitch garbage car insurance and Alex Trebek doesn't need to pitch garbage health insurance and Tom Selleck doesn't have to push Reverse Mortgages.  Money is money and there's never too much, I guess?

3.  Does Wayfair also sell the space you need for crap furniture?  Because this thing doesn't solve any "where do I put this" problems I have when taking something hot out of the oven.  I have to leave my kitchen in order to change my mind.  Oh right, I forgot- Wayfair is for people who live in typically large TV houses.  Who also have zero taste in furniture.  I'm only in the second category.

4.  Two guesses why this ad irritates some people.  Hint: It's not because Kelly Clarkson randomly shows up in the kitchen.  

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