Friday, July 24, 2020

More hate for!

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Made the decision to have a pet?  Well, why not just farm out the most annoying part of the responsibility that comes with that decision to some anonymous guy who delivers parcels for a living?

Bags of pet food, litter etc. are HEAVY.  So....don't deal with them! Let some total stranger be the victim of your overbearing sense of privilege instead.  Just go to, order those 50-lb bags of kibble and 100-lb sacks of litter to be delivered to your Suburban McMansion, or your apartment on the fifth floor of a building without an elevator (and if the FedEx guy leaves it with the lobby manager, go online and throw a hissy fit about the Poor Quality of Service until you get an official Apology from the shipping company, KAREN.)  Having a pet- a 100 percent voluntary activity, btw- should not mean extra work for you!  It should mean extra work for total strangers with jobs that don't offer health insurance!

And if you're ever bothered by a twinge of conscience while pointing and clicking at pet supplies which have convenience built into their price (not that you care about price,) here's some tried and true bumper sticker logic to soothe your troubled soul.  Take your pick:

"It's their job."

"They are lucky to have jobs in these trying times."

"If they don't like it, they can always get another job."

"They are all young and strong, I have a bad back."

"I'm a hard-working professional I don't have time to shop for pet supplies" (so if didn't exist you'd....give up having pets? Doubtful.)

Personally, I think UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and the USPS should have strict weight limits on the packages they are willing to bring to the doorstep; all packages above that weight should have to be picked up at a central depot or should carry much larger fees in order to accommodate a second delivery person to assist in the transfer from factory to door.  This won't happen because Capitalism and Profit are King and delivery personnel are easily-replaceable assets, especially when you don't provide health insurance to deal with the injuries caused by the regular handling of heavy, bulky packages.  So keep it up, Pet Owners of America; you are truly in the vanguard of an Entitlement Craze that will someday make it possible to have Cinder Block Leggos and pre-filled swimming pools brought to our homes Because Hey the Customer.  All contact-free, of course; not because COVID will still be around, but because no customer will dare to risk making eye contact with the FedEx guy as he lugs whatever item you Simply Couldn't pick up at the Walmart three blocks away to your door. 

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