Tuesday, January 26, 2021

CopperFit Gloves. Because we touch stuff, and they are gloves.


"Puts a layer between your skin and surfaces..."  Um, yeah.  Because they are gloves.  Oh, excuse me:  "Hand Protectors."  

But these aren't just any old (gloves) that do what gloves do (put a layer between your skin and surfaces.) THESE gloves contain COPPER, which we all know (the way we know everything: from TV) has magical properties that fix arthritis pain.  And since the connection between arthritis pain and easily-transmittable surface-contact illnesses is also well-documented (somewhere, don't have time to look it up right now) the utility of these CopperFit Gloves is pretty obvious, don't you think?

What?  This is just another stupid Buy It Because You're a Medieval-Minded Idiot who thinks Copper is Magic tv ad?  Heresy!  Just buy it!  In fact, do what one guy in the YouTube comments did- buy TWO pairs, "just to be safe."  Safe from what?  Shut up, that's why!  Like I said, just BUY IT!

I do not, however, suggest that you follow the throwaway advice from another YouTube commentator and warm them in your microwave- unless you want to test if these things really do contain actual copper.  Because if they do contain Magic, Illness-Eradicating Copper- or any other metal- I don't think your microwave is going to react very well to them.  I wonder if the idiot who posted that is just being a malicious troll?


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