Sunday, January 24, 2021

These ridiculous Dinovite Commercials.


Know how I avoid all this hassle?  By not having one of these things in my house to begin with...

Meanwhile, listening to all the disgusting, noisy, smelly crap dog owners have to put up with unless they are willing to shell out tons of money on "special" food like Dinovite and grooming products- and then listening to the excitement in their voice as they describe how living with a still-disgusting, still-noisy but slightly less smelly dog is a tiny bit more bearable now that they've shelled out that money does nothing but cement my determination never to burden myself with a dog, a cat, or any other mammal that won't eventually learn how to buy it's own food and take care of itself.  Even then- cripes, they'd still be taking up room I could be using. 

Back to that excitement that goes along with spelling out DINOVITE- good lord, what is the matter with you people.  I will never understand.   To each his own...but since I like to provide an actual public service from time to time, here is some information about Dinovite you won't find in their obnoxious commercials:

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