Saturday, January 2, 2021

Toyota's "Mailbox" commercial gives me a headache


So as near as I can figure, the little girl in this ad is making one ornament after another and then having her mother drive her to the family mailbox- which apparently is several miles away, WTF?- so she can have it delivered to her father who is stationed overseas.  So far, so good- except, again, what is the deal with these people living so far away from their mailbox that it's a significant drive to send and pick up mail?

The mom asks the little girl "one more?" and the little girl nods the affirmative.  Good thing too, because as it turns out, Daddy has come home (sort of) and has decorated the tree next to the mailbox with his daughter's homemade Christmas ornaments.  And was just....ummm....waiting behind a tree, hopefully inside his own Toyota because it looks kind of cold out, for his daughter and wife to show up and...umm....

Ok, I know I'm repeating myself, but What. The Actual. Hell.  How long has this guy been hanging around the mailbox decorating that tree?  How did he even manage to put ornaments up that high- is there a ladder folded up in the back of that Toyota?  What would have happened if Daughter had decided that she was all done sending Daddy ornaments?  Would mommy have just called Daddy on the cell phone to tell him that the whole "meet by the mailbox Christmas tree" bit wasn't going to work and he could just finish driving home now?  How much elaborate planning did you people put into this?  Has Daddy been "home" for days, but you avoided having him come home and cheering his daughter up because her sadness over Daddy's absence was just way to cute to spoil until the last minute?  WHAT IS ALL THIS, TOYOTA???

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  1. Don't forget the humongous multi million dollar house they somehow live in on a soldier's salary. People in commercials always seem to be in places they'd never be able to afford in the real world