Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Ready to say goodbye to 2020, and Lexus December to Remember Ads

You gotta love how these twats take "being socially responsible" to mean that they can't even stop at grandma and grandpa's and let them talk to the kids through the glass- or over phones while looking at the kids through the window panes.  Nope, gotta keep distant, sorry mom and dad, you can see your grandchildren, but only as blurs as they drive past your house, hope you saw the homemade sign they made, we can't slow down for you to read it because we're on our way to a holiday ski weekend back home to be super-socially conscious and socially isolated!

And just look at mom and dad's faces- sure looks like they are sad that they can't actually stop to visit, doesn't it?  Sure looks like everyone misses being together, doesn't it?  I swear, mom and dad are secretly dreading the end of the Illness that Shall Not Be Mentioned because they'll have to come up with another excuse to avoid seeing the parents who don't live in a gated community.

Also gotta love how the Lexus sitting in front of the ridiculous-even-for-these-commercials-house actually melts the snow around it with it's Warmth-emitting Awesomeness.  They've never made snow good enough to approach one of these LookAtMeMobiles!

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