Monday, December 28, 2020

AT&T Commercial, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways...


1.  The doofus customer is outnumbered by the two employees 2-1 in the AT&T store, marking the first time in history that the customers have not outnumbered employees by at LEAST 15-1.  He also has TWO employees providing him information about this "new" service being offered (I don't know what it is, and I don't care.)  This is so reality-bending, my brain will break if I don't quickly move on....  

2.  This guy is INSTANTLY so taken by an "offer" which isn't even described in terms of conditions, price etc. that he whips out THE PHONE HE ALREADY HAS and calls his MOTHER.  Worse, he tells these two women that he's calling his MOTHER.  Which makes me almost want to go back and revisit my first issue with this stupid smoking pile of putrid dumb of an ad.    

3.  This guy is on the phone for all of FOUR SECONDS, but that was enough time for him to realize that he called the wrong number, the name of the guy he reached, AND that the guy he reached "sounded really excited" and he's "on his way here now."  Um, excuse me, but I had to go chase down my brain, which had hopped out of my skull and was making a mad dash for the door.   No, buddy.  Just NO.  You are using a cell phone which presumably has your mother's number saved in Contacts.  Kind of makes it hard to "dial a wrong number."  You did NOT have time to get a response from the guy you inexplicably accidentally called, let alone that the guy is "excited" and "on his way."  Why you be lyin', bro?

4.   Lily breaks the fourth wall in the most uncomfortable, awkward way I've ever seen in a tv commercial.  She looks like she wants to scream "save me from my AT&T contract, NBC wants to sign me to a sitcom and if I do this much longer I'll be typecast out of existence!"  She seriously looks like she's in pain.  But compared to her...

5.  Lily's Black FriendTM- who needed a chunk of her sales pitch to the doofus customer to be whitesplained by Lily- is even more awkward, giving a nervous "that's all we got, I have no idea what to do next" desperate shrug like she wants nothing more on Earth than to hear "cut" so she can step off the set and have herself a good, long cry.  Like the one I have pretty much every time this commercial shows up on my tv, which is roughly 6 times an hour during football games. 

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  1. I can't stand this one either and mute or look away for the reasons you gave. Good point on the misdial thing, I didn't think of that. Nobody manually dials numbers of regular contacts anymore