Monday, December 14, 2020

Three Observations concerning Xfinity's "Greatest Gift" Ad


1.  Ok, so I guess the idea here is that what people really miss in 2020 is "togetherness."  So the company that has been selling social isolation as a good thing when it's fostered by addiction to electronics is going to suddenly go All In on "Togetherness" as a thing that can be boxed up and delivered by Santa.

2.  I'm going to be charitable and assume that the total lack of masks throughout this ad is the product of all of these scenes being Happy Memories of Better Times which are being packaged by the Magic of Santa etc.

3.  Don't worry, Disgustingly Rich Entitled Suburban Twats:  This "togetherness" campaign isn't aimed at you.  Santa's still going to be dropping expensive luxury cars in front of YOUR houses.   The smell of cookies and Auntie's cheek pinches are just fine for those other losers.  You know that that it's not really anything like a "greatest gift" unless the words Audi, Lexus or BMW are emblazoned on the front. 

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