Saturday, December 5, 2020

My final word (no promises) on State Farm "Rodgers Rate" ads


Let's admit it.

None of us would be surprised if one of these Rodgers Rate ads included Aaron Rodgers stepping out of the shower and being handed a towel by his Not Personal Nothing Special Going on Here Just Happened to be Hanging Around State Farm Insurance salesman.  Not because he's Aaron Rodgers, of course, but, all State Farm customers get, service.  Right?

Personally, I think it's only a matter of time.  So before we get about we move on from this particular bit, ok, State Farm?  Please?  
Oh, and on the off-chance that this is a slice of real life in some way: Jake, get some help. You're a grown man, not a starstruck teenaged girl. Stop acting like a Lifetime Movie villain. This is getting seriously creepy.

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