Friday, December 18, 2020

One of eTrade's rather ridiculous "no compromises" ads


I'm sorry, but if you get angry at your father for not knowing how to use the video sharing feature on smart phone to the point that you are using lines like "you've compromised enough this year," I think it's time to look into some anger management sessions.

I mean, come on.  I can just see this guy having a conversation with his dad- "I was being nice to you last year.  I didn't even murder someone when you didn't immediately know how to use video sharing, even though I wanted to, because I use eTrade which means I don't believe in compromising.  But I'm done compromising.  The next time you fail to use your phone correctly, we are cutting ties and you will not be seeing your grandson again."

What the hell?  This is the best eTrade's marketing partner could come up with when asked to think up a "no compromise" situation?  This is just stupid.  With all of the First World "problems" I could think of, this is the most First Worldish.  Your dad isn't asking for rent money or to move in with you, you ugly jerk.  He's having some slight difficulty learning to use a feature on a phone he isn't used to.  Calm down, can the attitude and take a chill pill.  
That Is All.

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