Sunday, December 20, 2020

Rocket Mortgage treats the viewers like children, again


As near as I can figure from about 200 slight glances/half-listening to this commercial over the course of several football games, the guy in the ad is someone for whom English is a second language and common sense/brains larger than those of a turnip a foreign concept.  He heard the phrase "there's money in your house" and proceeded to take a hammer to the walls of the home he inexplicably manages to own (I suspect that the woman we also see following him around with a bemused but otherwise "whatever, he's a guy and I was approaching thirty" look on her face might have something to do with that.)

This woman's response to seeing her Clearly Acquired out of Desperation spouse knocking holes in the wall looking for money (instead of looking for the orchestra he thought was in there whenever the doorbell rang, I suppose) is to whip out her phone and I guess she suddenly needs to hold on to more of her money (I no longer believe this guy has anything to do with the household income because...come on.)  This is all supposed to be cute and what we are supposed to get out of it is how easy it is to refinance with Rocket Mortgage.  Frankly, the commercial would make infinitely more sense if it was an ad for a legal firm promoting how easy it is to file for divorce. 

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