Friday, January 8, 2021

How Subaru thinks "Cool Grandmas" act


Shown:  Grandma wants two milkshakes, not one.

Not shown:  This Subaru makes four extra stops during the 2-hour trip back to Grandma's house which to the granddaughter feels like two days.

Shown:  Grandma makes a dangerous spectacle of herself by running up to a total stranger who happened to glance at her granddaughter to get his phone number (and, I'm just going to guess because Grandma is a moron, give her granddaughter's number to the guy.)

Shown:  Granddaughter chuckles, rolls her eyes, and gives the total stranger a little wave.

Not Shown:  Granddaughter makes a mental note to change her phone number and to have a long talk with Grandma about mutual respect, boundaries, etc.  And about how this isn't the freaking 19th century or a 1950s sitcom.*

Shown:  Granddaughter drops Grandma off at Grandma's house.

Not Shown:  Granddaughter makes a mental note to never, ever spend time with Grandma outside of Grandma's own home ever again.

*how freaking old is Grandma, anyway?  Seventy?  That would mean she was born in 1950 and became an adult in the late 60s-early 70s.  How does her "let me run and get the phone number of a cute total stranger at a gas stop for my single granddaughter" gel with the times she came of age in?  

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