Sunday, January 3, 2021

State Farm, Jake, Pat's just another weekend of football commercials


It didn't even occur to these Pat Mahomes toadies to just ask Jake from State FarmTM if they could get a Totally Awesome Deal from State Farm without getting Pat Mahomes hair styles.   Hell, it didn't even occur to them how totally creepy and weird it was to assume that the reason Pat Mahomes was getting that Totally Awesome Deal was because he looked like Pat Mahomes.  Maybe they were too busy being Not At All Creeped Out by the fact that they never see Pat Mahomes anywhere without Jake from State FarmTM hanging around with him?

It also didn't occur to State Farm that this ad has exactly ten seconds of actual content (such as it is) followed by grins, shrugs, rolled eyes, and awkward "seriously, that's all there is to this" filler.  Maybe because there seems to be a population of witless drooling idiots who enjoy these insultingly stupid commercials because Hey Look It's Pat Mahomes (again.)  And Hey Look it's Jake From State FarmTM having absolutely nothing to do with himself except hang out with Pat Mahomes Because Reasons (Aaron Rodgers filed a restraining order, perhaps?)

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