Friday, January 29, 2021

Get with the program or get left behind, kid!


The dad in this commercial might be thinking "I should make sure my kids are keeping up," but he's way too busy checking the status of his stock portfolio on his phone for the 800th time today.  And TrophyWife isn't any more concerned that they might be walking a bit too fast for the kids she produced- she needs to stay close to her Meal Ticket and make sure his eye isn't wandering away from that phone.

The kids?  Well, the sooner they learn the harsh reality of this dog-eat-dog life, the better.  It's kill or be killed, people.  Everybody has to pull their own weight- especially that little boy.  The odds that HE can grow up to be a TrophyWife are considerably longer than those of his sisters, after all.  

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