Friday, July 22, 2011

Current Status: Clueless

Amanda is quite certain that everything that happens to her, anywhere, at any time, is worth posting to her Facebook account. And apparently she's become very good at finding Facebook "friends" willing to act as total enablers to her obsession with spending her life in the public eye- every. single. moment of it.

And now she's found a phone that fits her life (as if the words "life" and "Amanda" really go together. ) Here's a phone/camera/best friend in the whole wide world which allows her to post every stupid, pointless, vapid "activity" instantly on Facebook. I especially enjoy the way she provides her own soundtrack, which fits exactly with what I would expect to be echoing through that rather empty chamber she calls her brain case- "la de da da da...." If there is a woman out there with ditzy cartoon noises echoing between her ears, it has to be this dullard.

"La di da di da" is the perfect theme of a woman who has a real purpose in life- to buy stuff, and to show people what she bought, and to use what she bought to annoy the hell out of the rest of us. Personally, I think that letting Amanda buy this stupid little toy is like giving an arsonist a pile of oily rags, or handing an alcoholic the keys to the wine cellar. Because in my humble opinion, this weirdo needs help, not even more "connectivity."

And I think the Best Buy Employee would agree with me here- she also needs to be taught the concept of Personal Space. Hey, Amanda- the undereducated part-timer who happened to be roaming the floor when you decided to wander in and enhance your collection of electronic junk probably isn't really all that interested in getting "tagged" wearing her ugly blue work shirt by a total stranger with too much money to spare. She's not your "friend," and she's not an f--ing prop to be displayed on your homepage, ok?


  1. At least we're not treated to her sharing whatever freakish fandoms she might be a member of; bad enough that the spazzy social isolate is wandering around 'friending' everyone abd everything her scatterbrain sees without having to listen to her run her mouth about her futile interests.

  2. I'm actually sadder that HTC feels it necessary to embed this little phone with a Facebook button. This is a temporal state at best -- much like some disconnected cordless phones I have with Goog411 buttons on them. This is the ultimate chash-in concept -- like placing an NBC button on TV set, because NBC is doing well in the Nielsens. This HTC "Status" (thinly-veiled pop-psychology marketing there) is a cheap phone which won't even make a good door stop, 11 months from now. It will be pitched with all the spent batteries and coffee grounds.

    Poor Amanda is simply stuck in this universe. There's nowhere to go but "Best Buy", nowhere to post but Facebook, and nothing to listen to but some love ballad with La di da di da for its chorus. Pity her.

  3. The sad thing is that the admen think that they're fooling people; everyone with sense realizes that thousands of on-line friends means no real friends....oh, wait. I forgot who they're targeting: other idiots.

  4. We're in something of a desperate straight when the advertisements are this blatant about turning the about the Scary Black Man Drug Dealer that turns into a humanoid reptile into a role model.